Regardless of the size or complexity of your estate, we can help you prepare financially and emotionally for disability and end-of-life circumstances. Because we also handle trust and estate litigation matters, we draft every estate plan with an eye toward minimizing risk and ensuring that your intentions are clearly stated and carried out according to plan.

Providing Comprehensive Estate Planning Services For Over 40 Years

At Roeder, Cochran, Phillips, PLLC, our estate planning attorneys are highly knowledgeable about estate planning vehicles and techniques. Whether you are looking to minimize your tax burden or simply want to protect yourself from medical or financial abuse, or unnecessary expenses of guardianship, we can help you determine a plan that is right for your unique situation, family and goals.

Estate Planning Overview

Comprehensive estate planning is about much more than the distribution of property upon death. Our estate planning practice helps clients maximize control over financial and health care decisions while alive, take care of themselves and loved ones in the event of disability and help ensure that the property clients acquired over a lifetime is left to whomever they desire on their own terms.

Other goals our clients commonly purse through estate planning include the creation of a family financial dynasty, protection of assets from future creditors and preservation of the value of closely held businesses. For high net worth clients, our estate planning practice seeks out opportunities to minimize estate, gift and sometimes income tax burdens for the next generation.

For families with young children or dependents with special needs, we design plans to ensure that clients' loved ones continue to receive care and support even when our clients themselves are no longer in a position to provide that care directly. We also assist our clients in planning for the care of their pets, including the creation of pet trusts.

Finally, we advise our charitably minded clients how best to leverage their giving and maximize the legacy they leave behind.

Personal Service. Knowledgeable Guidance.

Our lawyers will meet with you in person to discuss your situation, goals and legal options. Whether you need a will, trust, medical directive, power of attorney or any other estate planning document, we will take the time to get to know you so we can best help you plan for your future and the future of your family.

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