Having a comprehensive estate plan in place is a wonderful gift, providing certainty and peace of mind to your heirs and beneficiaries. However, it is still crucial to make sure that there is a plan in place to properly administer your assets according to the terms of your will or trust(s). Having a well-thought-out plan in place for trust administration is an important final step in safeguarding your estate and providing for your loved ones.

What Is Trust Administration?

Trust administration is essentially the administrative steps involved in distributing the assets held in a trust, making sure that financial assets and property are transferred to the appropriate beneficiaries.

Full-Service Trust Administration Representation

At Roeder, Cochran, Phillips, PLLC, we bring decades of experience to the issues of trust administration and trust litigation. You can rely on our attorneys for trusted advice and thorough representation at all stages of the process.

Our service offerings include guiding trustees through the process or even serving as trustee for our estate planning clients. Above all, our lawyers work closely with trustees, beneficiaries and their families to ensure that everything is carried out in an orderly fashion according to the terms of the trust(s).

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