There may not be a more commonly misunderstood area of estate planning and administration than probate. Many are confused by it, some fear it and many more have no idea what it is at all.

If probate leaves you scratching your head, you are far from alone. The important thing is that you have come to the right place to get the information you need from trusted estate planning professionals.

At Roeder, Cochran, Phillips, PLLC, our lawyers have been providing comprehensive estate planning services for more than 40 years. Our planning takes the issue of probate into consideration as we strive to achieve the goals of our clients and protect the values of their estates.

Probate Defined

At its core, probate is the process for distributing the property of a deceased person.

In situations where a person has a will, trust or other estate planning documents in place, the probate court will validate such documents and authorize the executor or administrator of the estate to distribute assets accordingly.

Where a will is not in place, additional administrative processes are set in motion to determine a judicious way to distribute the assets and resolve the debts of the estate.

Avoiding Probate

Reasons to avoid probate include the fact that it can be slow, costly and expose an estate to public scrutiny. Above all else, why spend time or money on a process that is often unnecessary? With the help of an experienced estate planning attorney from our firm, you can set up your estate to avoid probate and make things easier for your heirs once you are gone.

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