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How is child custody determined in court?

As a parent just starting the divorce process, one of your main concerns may be about who will end up with custody of your children. Although many families benefit when parents collaborate to create a custody arrangement, sometimes effective collaboration is not possible. In case that happens, it can be helpful to know how a court makes child custody decisions.

Child custody options

What is needed to make a binding real estate purchase contract?

Purchasing your first home is a very big achievement. Oftentimes a person will work and save for years to make the dream of homeownership a reality. Once the buyer and seller have reached an agreement regarding the price of the home, a real estate purchase contract will need to be executed. Potential homeowners in Virginia who want to learn more about this type of contract will want to read further.

Purchase contracts are a binding agreement between the buyer and seller. To have a valid contract, there must be an exchange of "consideration." When it comes to purchase contracts, in general this means the exchange of the property for money or for the promise of money. Real estate contracts must be written to be enforceable. These are not handshake deals -- the written purchase contracts must also bear the signature of all parties to the contract.

6 things to do after a bad fall

Even after being legitimately injured by slipping people, often try to shrug off their condition. This is the last thing anyone should do after such an injury. It is the responsibility of the property owner to provide a reasonably safe area for visitors. Do not be afraid to hold them accountable when they are negligent.

A nasty fall can lead to concussions, sprains and broken bones, strained muscles, nerve damage and worse. One of the best ways you can look out for yourself if this happens to you is to speak to an experienced attorney.

Virginia holiday driving was as bad as expected

Regular readers of our McLean Law Blog will recall that we recently shared the concerns of Virginia law enforcement officials over Thanksgiving driving safety. Their concerns were clearly well founded. According to news reports, 12 people were killed over the Thanksgiving holiday in motor vehicle crashes on Virginia highways.

Virginia State Police said a police officer was killed in a single-vehicle crash, as well as seven other drivers, two passengers in vehicles and one motorcyclist.

Thanksgiving travel about to begin

Thanksgiving is just a day away, but the nation's heaviest travel period has already begun. The abnormally heavy holiday weekend traffic has already begun, which means that the risk of automobile crashes and injuries is also going to be unusually high over the next few days.

In the McLean area, you can expect to see law enforcement officers making themselves visible in an effort to deter drunk driving and speeding especially, but also to simply encourage people to pay attention to the other vehicles on the road. A recent news article points out that the drivers posing the greatest dangers to other motorists fall into several distinct categories.

Distracted driving: Is it time for Virginia to toughen its laws?

It's an all-too-common sight around McLean: drivers with phones in their hands. They're talking, texting and looking at the phone for directions and more. Unfortunately. the attention given to their electronics is not being given to the traffic, pedestrians and street signs.

According to a recent news report, many people believe Virginia's reluctance to adopt stricter measures contributes to the growing number of distracted driving crashes around the state.

Hidden costs of divorce

When you go a McLean car dealer and purchase a new vehicle, it's understood that you will pay additional costs in the course of ownership. You're going to have to buy fuel for the car, whether it's gasoline or electric, and you'll have to fork over a certain amount every year for auto insurance. Other costs will come along from time to time, including new tires, windshield wipers, headlight replacements and, of course, repairs.

The same is true of divorce: it comes with extra costs that might not be immediately obvious. A recent article laid out some of the hidden costs of divorce.

Violent Virginia crash claims two lives

There is a terrible moment in some car crashes in which the driver knows right before impact that a violent collision is inevitable. It seems likely that a 49-year-old Virginia man experienced just such a flash of dread before a highway crash that left him seriously injured and two others dead.

State Police investigators said the Waynesboro man in a pick-up truck tried to swerve to avoid a vehicle coming toward him in his lane, but was unable to avoid the oncoming Volkswagen Jetta. Inside the VW were the 25-year-old female driver, a 27-year-old male front seat passenger, and in the backseat, the most precious cargo possible: three children. A 6-month-old baby was in a car seat and suffered only minor injuries, but a 5-year-old and 2-year-old were not in car seats.

Virginia business settles lawsuit, declares bankruptcy

It’s about a four-hour drive southwest of McLean to get to Salem. Many fans of Mac and Bob’s restaurant there in the Roanoke Valley would have argued that the drive was worth it to enjoy the fare at the Salem institution.

Though business has boomed at the eatery, the owners recently announced that they are filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to financial problems that began with a lawsuit filed against the Virginia business by a server who had quit.

Deadly 18-wheeler crashes on the rise

The violent crashes involving big commercial trucks on the highways, streets and interstates in the McLean area seem to be happening more frequently. Tractor trailers are the biggest vehicles on our roadways and the deadliest.

According to data tabulated by the federal government, truck-related highway fatalities have surged in recent years, increasing by 28 percent from 2009 to 2016. According to the Virginia-based Truck Safety Coalition, statistics gathered from last year indicates that deadly truck accidents continue to increase in frequency.

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