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Trucker goes through red light, hits four other vehicles

If you drive for about southwest of McLean for about seven hours, you’ll arrive in St. Paul, Virginia. The small town was recently the site of a tractor-trailer crash in which the big rig apparently blew through a red light and then struck four vehicles.

The 18-wheeler wound up upside-down in the Clinch River, a news report stated. The truck driver was injured in the crash, though his condition was unknown at the time of the report. Motorists in three other vehicles were fortunate to survive with just minor injuries.

Trucker charged in Virginia interstate crashes

It is about a three-hour drive southwest of McLean to get to Afton Mountain in Albemarle County. The site in the Blue Ridge Mountains is where a recent multi-vehicle crash took place.

Virginia State Police said the driver of a tractor-trailer headed east on Interstate 64 is responsible. Officials said the trucker has been cited for reckless driving for failing to maintain control of his 18-wheeler. A Fishersville woman was airlifted to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries sustained in the truck accident.

Virginia teens learning to drive safely and then spread the word

School is out in McLean and across Virginia. For many high school students, that means it’s time to hit the road in vehicles packed with friends in search of adventure. Unfortunately, that combination of factors too often leads to motor vehicle crashes and injuries – sometimes even fatalities.

More than 120 teens from 37 high schools and middle schools across Virginia arrived at the beginning of this week for educational and hands-on activities to help them learn not only safe driving practices, but also the importance to them, their friends and to everyone they share the road with of making responsible driving decisions.

Virginia brothers, businesses square off in legal dispute

At the center of the dispute is the mattress, a Virginia family and a pair of businesses. Two brothers have squared off over business opportunities in an inter-family power struggle, a recent Virginian-Pilot article states.

Paramount Industrial Companies, the family mattress business controlled by Richard Diamonstein is suing Leesa Sleep, a bedding company co-founded by his brother Jamie Diamonstein (who was once president of Paramount). This is clearly not run-of-the-mill business litigation.

The Road To Zero winds through Virginia

The Road To Zero winds through McLean and every corner of Virginia. It extends north to Maine, south to Florida, north to Minnesota and west to California – and every place in between. The Road To Zero Coalition is a group of transportation industry leaders who have joined the National Safety Council in its effort to reduce traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities. The group’s uber-ambitious goal is to get motor vehicle fatalities all the way down to zero by 2050.

National Safety Council CEO Deborah Hersman invokes the memory of President Kennedy and his remarkable early 1960s challenge to land on the moon by the end of the decade. At the time, the lofty goal was considered by most people impossible. But by 1969, it was a reality.

Virginia landowners fighting to retain their property

Long ago, he answered his nation's call and fought in the Korean War. Today, the 88-year-old Navy veteran and Virginia landowner is fighting a new foe: developers of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

George Jones and about a dozen others opposed to having the pipeline laid through their property against their wishes have filed a lawsuit and taken their opposition to court. They argue that developers and regulators are improperly using eminent domain to unconstitutionally seize their land for the 300-mile-long natural gas pipeline.

Virginia high school students see deadly DUI drama unfold

McLean residents are understandably proud of the thousands and thousands of fine students attending the colleges and universities in the McLean area. It is undoubtedly accurate to say we are just as proud of the area high school students who will one day soon be studying at those seats of higher learning.

At this time of year, however, even the best and brightest students need to be reminded of the dangers of drinking and driving on graduation days and prom nights. Each year, there are far too many college students and high school kids who lose their lives or are badly injured in motor vehicle crashes caused by impaired drivers.

Something stinks in dispute over hog farm

Virginia’s Smithfield is America’s largest producer of pork products, with famous brands such as Eckrich, Nathan’s, Armour and others in its portfolio (not to mention its eponymous ham product line). The company owns hundreds of thousands of sows, raised in places such as its industrial-sized facility in North Carolina.

The hog-growing operation is at the center of a business lawsuit over whether the odors its hogs generate are too smelly for neighbors to bear. U.S. District Judge W. Earl Britt recently ruled in the case that jurors won’t be taken for a sniff test of the farm.

Tax law brings major changes to divorce and alimony

Signed into law in December, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will have impacts on nearly everyone in McLean, depending on income and other factors. One group of people that will feel its impact more profoundly than most others: those who get divorced next year.

Starting on New Year's Day of 2019, the tax implications for alimony (also known as spousal maintenance) are going to undergo a major transformation. Beginning that day, alimony will no longer be deductible for the payer.

Virginia truck crash: only one driver beat the odds

If you drive south of McLean for about two hours, you will arrive in Hanover, Virginia. Of course, it is possible to make the 95-mile drive in less time if you ignore speed limits and caution.

A 25-year-old driver appears to have taken the reckless approach to driving. She beat the odds in her passenger car and survived a crash with a tractor-trailer, but the truck driver was not nearly as fortunate.

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