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Drivers: keep an eye out for motorcyclists

Motorcycle injuries can be devastating. And one thing is for sure – if a motorcyclist suffers injuries but survives, it can oftentimes be a miracle. In many cases, there is a fatality due to the lack of protection a motorcyclist has while on the road.

Everyone on the road plays a part in keeping motorcyclists safe. Motorcycle riders themselves have to be very aware and diligent when it comes to navigating the roadways, but there is a lot of responsibility on the part of car and truck drivers as well. Most accidents that happen with between motorcyclists and other drivers are usually not the fault of the motorcycle rider. With that being said, there are definitely some tips that drivers can keep in mind when they share the roadways with a motorcyclist.

Although it’s important to use your rear-view mirrors, don’t fully rely on them. As most people know, objects seen in those mirrors may be closer than they appear and that definitely includes motorcycles. A motorcyclist may also be traveling much faster than he or she appears to be so taking extra time to look before you merge or make a turn can save lives.

Remember that while motorcycles are quite maneuverable, that maneuverability highly depends on the road conditions. A motorcyclist may not be able to slow down as quickly if the weather conditions are poor. A rider may also end up having to make quick changes to his or her position on the road in order to avoid debris or a pothole in the road.

Motorcyclists can always hope that those around them have their best interests in mind. The hope is that everyone on the road will take extra precautions to keep our riders safe, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

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