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Virginia's small business owners advised to read contracts

A Virginia business accelerator recently offered advice to entrepreneurs: read carefully before signing on the dotted line. Virginia courts often rely on the words spelled out in written contracts when trying to resolve disputes between businesses.

If you don't read a contract before signing it, you might well regret those few minutes saved by skipping a careful reading. And if you don't understand the terms of a contract, and you fail to contact an attorney who will explain it to you in clear terms, again, you might well regret that decision.

That was part of the message a Manassas attorney had for small business owners gathered at the accelerator called CENTERFUSE.

Other messages for business owners included this: if you are informed that your business is being sued, do not ignore the problem. It is not going to resolve itself of its own accord.

Instead, speak to a business law attorney experienced in dispute resolution through effective negotiation and, when needed, litigation.

And if you are sued, hang on to all related documents. Don't rely solely on the internet for solutions and advice. Speak to a real attorney with real-world experience, skills and knowledge of the law and legal system.

If you do run into a disagreement with another business owner and you are offered a quick settlement that appears to be too good to be true, be very careful. Those "too good to be true" deals often are exactly that.

A McLean business law attorney can help you understand legal issues involved in your dispute and how you can best help protect yourself and your company. Contact Roeder & Cochran, PLLC, for more information.

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