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Preparation is key to avoiding divorce mistakes

Preparation is a key ingredient to success. Doctors, athletes, engineers, CEOs, students and many others understand that preparation helps them attain their goals. Preparation is also key to achieving positive outcomes in divorce and difficult disputes over child custody, visitation, property division and more.

A recent article on mistakes people make in divorce highlights the importance of preparing for negotiations or litigation that could affect your family and finances for many years.

The most common mistake people make in divorce is to try to go it alone. When you have an experienced family law attorney on your side -- one who knows the judge, court procedures, legal etiquette, etc. -- you improve your chances of getting the results you want.

Another common mistake is to walk into court without the documentation ready to support your position. An attorney and divorce coach pointed out that if you are asking the court to reduce spousal support, for instance, and you don't come to the hearing with information about income, debts, expenses and so on, it is likely that the judge is not going to be pleased and will be less inclined to grant your request.

Another lack-of-preparation error: failing to sit down with your divorce lawyer to talk over what to expect in court and what you will need to know when asked questions. “Trial is unknown territory for most people and learning what to expect is crucial. Practice, practice, practice," a divorce attorney said.

Also high on the list of mistakes to avoid: walking into court angry. Even if your anger is justified by your ex's behavior, don't show your displeasure in court proceedings or react to questions from the judge with hostility.

You can discuss your priorities in divorce with a family law attorney experienced in protecting clients in every aspect of negotiations and litigation.

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