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What will the court consider when awarding spousal support?

For Virginians whose marriage has reached the juncture where they can no longer remain together, the decision to divorce is not a simple one. A litany of family law issues will be part of the process. One that frequently invites dispute is spousal support, alternatively referred to as alimony. In general, one spouse will be ordered to pay support to the other. The amount will hinge on a variety of factors. Understanding these factors and the circumstances that dictate how much will be paid is an important aspect of a case.

How is child custody determined in court?

As a parent just starting the divorce process, one of your main concerns may be about who will end up with custody of your children. Although many families benefit when parents collaborate to create a custody arrangement, sometimes effective collaboration is not possible. In case that happens, it can be helpful to know how a court makes child custody decisions.

What is needed to make a binding real estate purchase contract?

Purchasing your first home is a very big achievement. Oftentimes a person will work and save for years to make the dream of homeownership a reality. Once the buyer and seller have reached an agreement regarding the price of the home, a real estate purchase contract will need to be executed. Potential homeowners in Virginia who want to learn more about this type of contract will want to read further.

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