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Hidden costs of divorce

When you go a McLean car dealer and purchase a new vehicle, it's understood that you will pay additional costs in the course of ownership. You're going to have to buy fuel for the car, whether it's gasoline or electric, and you'll have to fork over a certain amount every year for auto insurance. Other costs will come along from time to time, including new tires, windshield wipers, headlight replacements and, of course, repairs.

The photos you put on social media could hurt you in a divorce

Thanks to modern smartphones, most people have ready access to a camera everywhere they go. And social media makes sharing such photos with a wide group of friends and family as simple as the touch of a button. So, sharing photos of what is going on in your life has never been easier.

Tax law brings major changes to divorce and alimony

Signed into law in December, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will have impacts on nearly everyone in McLean, depending on income and other factors. One group of people that will feel its impact more profoundly than most others: those who get divorced next year.

Study: your genes play a role in divorce

Research has shown that if your parents divorced, you are statistically more likely to go through a divorce yourself. What researchers were unable to say was whether that likelihood was due to nature (a genetic disposition to engage in behavior that disrupts relationships) or nurture (disruptive behavior learned from parents).

Preparation is key to avoiding divorce mistakes

Preparation is a key ingredient to success. Doctors, athletes, engineers, CEOs, students and many others understand that preparation helps them attain their goals. Preparation is also key to achieving positive outcomes in divorce and difficult disputes over child custody, visitation, property division and more.

Halloween doesn't need to be scary after a divorce

It's just a few days until the witches fly, pirates rattle their sabers and goblins appear at your door. Yes, Halloween is here. For parents of young kids, it can be a wonderful evening of walking around your McLean neighborhood, showing off your adorable ghosts and superheroes. For divorced parents, Halloween can sometimes illuminate disagreements over bedtimes, diet, parenting time and holiday schedules, among other difficult child custody disputes.

Family law trend: Prenups on the rise for millennials

Recent news articles about research and census data make it plain that millennials are much less likely to dive into marriages than their parents or grandparents were. People today are waiting longer to marry, which means they often carry more significant financial assets with them across the threshold than did previous generations when they married.

Can divorce make you a better parent?

Parents who divorce and then share custody are forced to learn what life is like without their children. For some, they have their kids for a few days and then hand them over to their other parent for a few days before the cycle repeats itself. Other divorced parents have other custody-sharing arrangements, but the element they all have in common is that parents have their kids on some days and are without them on other days.

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