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Bicycle-auto accident kills elderly rider in Virginia

In McLean and across the Commonwealth, many people get back and forth via bicycle. Not only is this a good way to stay in shape and active, but it saves money and is a positive for the environment. Regardless of the safety procedures riders follow and the caution they exhibit, sharing the road with a motor vehicle is always dangerous. When there is an auto accident between a car and a bicycle, the rider will inevitably suffer the worst of it. There can be serious injuries and death. After such a crash, people who have been hurt or lost a loved one should think about a legal filing for compensation.

Virginia holiday driving was as bad as expected

Regular readers of our McLean Law Blog will recall that we recently shared the concerns of Virginia law enforcement officials over Thanksgiving driving safety. Their concerns were clearly well founded. According to news reports, 12 people were killed over the Thanksgiving holiday in motor vehicle crashes on Virginia highways.

Distracted driving: Is it time for Virginia to toughen its laws?

It's an all-too-common sight around McLean: drivers with phones in their hands. They're talking, texting and looking at the phone for directions and more. Unfortunately. the attention given to their electronics is not being given to the traffic, pedestrians and street signs.

Violent Virginia crash claims two lives

There is a terrible moment in some car crashes in which the driver knows right before impact that a violent collision is inevitable. It seems likely that a 49-year-old Virginia man experienced just such a flash of dread before a highway crash that left him seriously injured and two others dead.

School’s resuming; drivers urged to keep McLean kids safe

It's that time of year: summer is drawing to a close, which means that in McLean and across Virginia, students have either started classes again or about to resume. It's an exciting time for parents and children, but also a time that calls for motorists to be extra cautious in and near school zones to avoid child pedestrian accidents and injuries.

Virginia teens learning to drive safely and then spread the word

School is out in McLean and across Virginia. For many high school students, that means it’s time to hit the road in vehicles packed with friends in search of adventure. Unfortunately, that combination of factors too often leads to motor vehicle crashes and injuries – sometimes even fatalities.

The Road To Zero winds through Virginia

The Road To Zero winds through McLean and every corner of Virginia. It extends north to Maine, south to Florida, north to Minnesota and west to California – and every place in between. The Road To Zero Coalition is a group of transportation industry leaders who have joined the National Safety Council in its effort to reduce traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities. The group’s uber-ambitious goal is to get motor vehicle fatalities all the way down to zero by 2050.

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